Thursday, 27 March 2008

just checking

oh here i am already checking sister's blog to see if she has blogged! far too soon of course, give her a chance.. i wonder how she got on with her 3 1/2 hour interrogation at the airport after landing, with the authorities. gruelling it sounds, but lets hope it wasnt as bad as it sounded.
and the animals, how will they be.
and stuff.
funny ol' time.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

landing - i think

anyway so it is an hour and 40 minutes after 8pm our time - and the family will have - were supposed to have - landed in new york at 8pm our time.

just to say that.

welcome to there sister and family!
blog soon. xxx

a journey and a farewell .. this is not goodbye - but until next time..

The Bass Rock, earlier - before the black sky!

this is the Bass Rock at North Berwick, where Rosie a pal and i went for the day the other weekend. it was incredibly cold and dramatic light, and because of all the guam on the Rock, in that sun light shining in a black sky, the Rock looks white!!
my sister and her family take off at 12 noon today to New York, where they will from now on be living. so i am quite teary and emotional. i know that we are only a text or an email away - and its silly to be so emotional - and i also know that they are doing a big adventure and i am happy about that, and i know i will 'get better' again!!
anyway, i just wanted to blog today to mark it. and thought i would put dramatic pictures of the Bass Rock up as well.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

the way is long and winding

these are pics from my phone of a small park on my way to work.
it was a sunny day just the other day, good for pics.
the longer i leave it, the harder it is to write anything. at least i think thats what it is. i dont know - i just havent blogged for a while and am not entirely sure why.

but today is easter day. a good pal of mine flew off to south korea today to visit her eldest son. she has never flown long haul before and has never been outside europe before. so i am quite excited for her. so this morning i texted her to say go well, you know, and that. she texted back to say the flight was delayed until 3.30 (from 11.30). which meant she would miss her connecting flight from dubai to sk, so the airline are paying for her to stay in a hotel for a night and a day in dubai - 30 degrees by the pool! way to go girl.

have been emailing sister today too, they leave their house tomorrow and fly on wednesday. its all people going off again today. i did have a bit of a blub, partly because i suddenly wished it was me flying to bangkok to see my family(no, they arent there; its in the past!) and partly because my sis is making a big step to another country and its all a bit emotional. and now my nephew and niece will grow up in another land. i guess i did too really, but then, we always kept coming back on leave and i was expected to think of england as home. anyway - its a big adventure for them and a big opportunity for them all which our mum and dad would approve of! they'd say, 'well done darling' and be excited about it for them too.

i think i have been a bit sorry for myself about them going, and today i have realised i just have to stop it. and so it is easier to see the bright side. which of course was always there - i just didnt seem to concentrate on it.

i think i would like to get some roller skates.

i think i will look for a picture to put in now. (they are up at the top). ooh reminds me - sister has a photo blog, very smart too. is word press better than blogger? i must check it out.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

yesterday was International Women's Day

(title is a link by the way)

which did not seem to have been celebrated here. that really surprises me, its the first year i have not seen anything going on here - unless i just totally missed it. one year, some years ago, i did the admin for an IWD week of events and rallies and entertainments. it was loads of work and funding, and a whole lot of local women's groups got involved, artists, politicians and just masses of women.

it is sunny today, was yesterday too, but we are expecting massive storms again apparently. it isnt quite the equinox is it, that's around 21st.. when the moon crosses the ecliptic (isnt it?) and the tides get incredibly high and incredibly low and storms are fairly usual. i have often been on Iona round about these times of year (march and sept). one september i was staying in my pal's tin house when that huge storm blew up. we knew it was coming; earlier in the evening i had gone round to the hotel where a few of us sat and watched American football! the owner loves it and was trying to teach me the rules with a nip of whisky each. later back at the tin house i remember lying in bed wondering when it would start and then suddenly BANG - literally - and then it began; the wind just howling against the tin shaking the walls and i really did think i might end up in the sound swilling about in the massive seas. anyway, i got up, no point trying to sleep, but of course the electricity had gone. there were candles and calor gas cooker so i could have a cuppa tea as i sat with loads of jumpers on wondering if i should try going outside just to see.. thought i better not though. it was of course dark in the middle of the night so i couldnt see much. i think it went on well into the next day as well, if i remember. the aftermath; the sea had been right up onto the road, people's gardens, rocks and seaweed strewn about, someone's car almost floated away but not quite and no one was hurt. people who had tried going outside in it hadnt been able to stand up!

i hope everyone is ok through this coming one.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Rainer Maria Rilke and window boxes

so now i think i will just share a couple of pics of my window box - my lowly substitute for a garden.
i have to write again, because a funny thing happened - i get an email once a week from an organization involved in the 'third sector' - or the social enterprise sector. anyway, the person who writes it is a brilliant writer, and always puts some of this own thoughts in as well as some quotes he likes. today's one contained something i used to have written up for myself in the '80s - before my dad died. its just that after he died i went and burnt loads of journals and writings and stuff - this amongst them - but i loved this - so here it is:

“That is at the bottom the only courage that is demanded of us; to have courage for the most strange, the most singular and the most inexplicable that we may encounter. That mankind has in this sense been cowardly has done life endless harm; the experiences that are called visions, the whole so-called spirit-world, death, all those things that are so closely akin to us, have by daily parrying been so crowded out by life that the senses with which we could have grasped them are atrophied.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

there. gosh i havent read that for years. forgot all about it even. and there it is popping up into my life again randomly!

i couldnt find a way to believe in anything at all after my father died. not sure i do now really, but it has been nice to find this quote.

i am passing the tag to write 6 random things about herself to
da da daa daa daaaaaaa
Kate and Calum's (and Robbie's) Big Agentine Adventure
! if she would like to do it.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

tagged - 6 things (random)

been tagged by Bellamocha, so have to write 6 random things about myself.
(is that one?)

1. i talk to things. especially when they stop working properly. i do it in the hope that they will be cheered by the fact that someone is bothering to talk to them and start working again.

2. many years ago i had a friend who had a lot of mice coming into her flat. she wrote them a wee note and pinned it to the skirting near the hole asking them if they would mind not coming back and wishing them all the best for the future. she said it worked. once i kept getting a mouse. i just made sure i left an oatcake out for it, but nothing else. that way it just ate a bit and went away again now and then. i decided to call it 'Daisy'. after a while it stopped coming.

3. when i was very small in Portugal i discovered two packets of mothballs in my mother's bedroom. when my mother started smelling a strong mothbally smell and realised that i was being very quiet she discovered me having eaten one pack and about to begin the next one. she took me downstairs and made me a large glass of salt water, which i drank and then asked for another one. but i was'nt sick.

4. i used to live with a friend in a tiny wee house in a tiny wee street full of tiny wee houses each for 50p a week in this same city. the only phone was the phone box at the end of the street which whoever was about would answer and go and get whoever it was for if it wasnt for them. it never entered anyone's head to have a tv and personal home computers hadnt been invented yet. we had music though. lots of music. thats when i met my husband. i told him Vanessa Redgrave used to live in the street and he believed me!!

5. i was at the first Glastonbury in 1971. 4 of us travelled down in an old car which kept breaking down, and it took us 2 days to get there. David Bowie sat cross legged on the stage very early one morning singing with his guitar. he hadnt really become famous yet. we were a bit bemused by meeting some 'town' people who had come 'to look at the fashions' - we were completely 'anti-fashion' so it was quite confusing. little did we know.

6. i never learned to drive. when i had a husband, we moved to the country and he started to teach me and i loved it, but then we had to get rid of the car as it broke down and we couldnt afford another one. sometimes i wish i could drive and just take off into the highlands, but most of the time i feel fine that i dont need to depend on one and can get anywhere i want without one. i love travelling by bus train and ferry into the highlands and islands. the long journey is all part of the process of getting there; and you never know who you might meet and what unexpected adventure you might have.

well, that took a bit of time, but it was interesting to see what popped into my head.
thanks Bella Mocha!