Friday, 23 December 2011

A bit of time

just having a bit of time to myself in the library, feeling fairly pleased as most of the festive shopping has been done, early for me.  This is often a nice place to sit and type if you need to feel a bit calm and thoughtful. nice coffee too.

i sent email christmas cards this year, mostly.  i had intended to create something interesting to email, but ended up in a rush just using one of my snowey new year 2011 photos.

in the studio the other day, played around with composing a sort of seasonal still life - vaguely.
using my glass Santa Maria, unfortunately no baby J. 

i have used her to make a mold so that i now have several porcelain front halves of her, thanks to my
ceramisist colleague in another studio, but as yet i have not done anything with them, ideas are coming.  i have done the same with some of my Thai figures - actually the Thai representations of the Hindu characters of the Mahabarata - they have the same story there too, even tho mostly Thais are Bhuddist. (i think).

i have a Ganesh, too, which i will transform into porcelain sometime. i like the idea of all the religions' figurers represented together. 

Santa Maria became important to me as a child growing up in Portugal and then Brazil and later Spain, although i have to say memories of Brazil are more about the hidden things you cant see behind the shutters in the dark house which will get you if you dont behave... 

In Thailand everyone had a Spirit house in their garden, because when you built a house you took land away from the spritis, so you built them a little house on a stilt. you never forgot about them and you could give thanks to them with insence and flowers at any time.

well, a merry Christmas to all, and a happy (which fire festival is this? i cant remember..) (or is it not a fire festival?)  anyway - happy that too!