Monday, 6 April 2009

Recife and other things

THE THREE SEA HORSES WERE ON THE WALL IN OUR HOUSE IN RECIFE, i thought i should just add - they were plaster sea horses; one red, one blue and one green.  i remember my mum teaching me the colours.
me off to school. the sitting room where the sea horses were on the wall you cant see to the left.  below - off to a fancy dress party!  (looks so 50's).  and that must be the side of the house (below).  
      the inside of an aircraft, not sure which one - perhaps a Dakota?  or is it too big for that? cant remember!  it was 'home' to me though.

PLEASE note that if pics dont seem to correspond with the text, then its becuase i cant seem to get them to 'gel' properly.
well while my sister (bellasis as i call her) is busy being American (!!see her latest blog on Bellamocha) i am trying to find time to finish off my collection of photos of Iona (taken over the years) in order to put up in the blog instead of putting other people's - see the side thingummy of Iona pics - not mine :-(.. 

i seem to have too many projects on at once, which means i only really ever get the ones done which involve not letting people down.  oh well, one day, eh?

Rosie and i went to the 20th anniversary celebration of Leith School of Art (click for link)last week - it was really good - some lovely and some thoughtful and some humerous and varied work.  I thought of my pal Kate now in Argentina living a very different life!!  Kate if you read this - i thought of you.  I saw Kenneth but he was busy - SO many people came, it was brilliant.  Carole had some work up, but i didnt see her.  I think it was Therese, Kate, who was welcoming peeple at the door - looking really well. 

what else in life - well, just awful news about the earthquake in Italy - i cant imagine being in my bed and that happening, actually i cant imagine it not in my bed either.  Poor souls.  how small are we, like peas bobbing about in a huge sea.