Thursday, 26 March 2015

I found this post in 'drafts', and it is now 27th March, 2015! Thought I should publish it but the post needs editing.  * Edited and added bits in blue type

It is 2015, the day before the last day of January.
I've been in the new house now for one year and 20 days.

Having joined the Green Party I feel a bit more in touch with things but I have found a couple of things I am not sure about. I guess you're never going to agree with everything a party wants to implement is thinking about implementing?.

The thing is, it has made me think about those - one of them being to have a blanket 20mph limit on (as I understand it) all roads - presumably not motorways. While this works very well on Bermuda, a small island where no one is allowed more than 1 car and only below a certain size and 'power' or whatever it's called, and the roads infrastructure is set up for it - I am not quite sure how it would work here, unless it was implemented only on appropriate roads, for example only in villages, towns and cities. 

The other thing is abolishing the monarchy. Have since heard Natalie say that this is a question for the people to decide.  I have struggled with this question for ages. I don't think I actually know anyone who would want to keep the monarchy. Now I think I know one person who considers it! I usually keep quiet on the question because I am so unsure. The thing is we tend to look at them and think they are all spoilt and have too much money and so on.
Well I have no idea what they are actually like - only whatever the media decides to brainwash us with. As for money and property - yes, but don't presidents manage to amass rather a lot, cost the tax payer a lot?
The other thing is hereditary. Ok, but - Who - what sort of person would choose to put themselves up for election as a president? How corrupted would they become once in the 'machine' inevitably, quite possibly not having the psychological wherewithal to withstand all that. We would never really know what was going on behind the scenes - again only what the media fed us.
Yes we can vote them out and get another one but I don't really think that answers anything. Maybe it is just the fact that we can vote them in and out that people want. I understand that, but I just think we'll be swapping one thing for something not any better.  Remaining undecided about that.

And another thing - abolish the House of Lords - actually I am not sure the Green party is suggesting that, but it is an issue being discussed generally.  Abolish hereditary membership of the Lords, just have elected Lords, because I think we need a second House, and some of the Lords who came up from the Commons are actually people who have worked in the 'real' world and have a lot of experience and knowledge in their fields.

End of rant!