Monday, 21 September 2009

a walk from St Monan's to Pittenweem

St. Monan's sheltered harbour.

(below): just outside St. Monan's is the old swimming pool, you can still see the cobbled pool floor.
this part of the walk, just outside St Monan's, are the remains of the saltpans - an incredible process and amount of work to get the salt. and the old windmill which drove it all is now a museum about it. if you click on images they should enlarge

remains of St Monan's saltpans all grassed over

views along the way to Pittenweem

the old swimming pool for Pittenweem - the notice says its no longer maintained by the council so bathers use it at their own risk there is Pittenweem in the distance
Pittenweem harbour and fishing boats
a fishing boat had just come in attracting a load of gulls

Sunday, 20 September 2009

loch lomond

last weekend, with friends on their boat on Loch Lomond. they ski-ed. i didnt. i had a go a couple of years ago - first time since ski-ing in Thailand aged 11 - 12. anyway, this was northern waters which necessitates wearing a dry suit. it was too big for me, and when i got into the water it ballooned up and i felt like a michelin man, and didnt manage to get up on skis! enough! but good to watch pals ski. beautiful Loch - beautiful September day, we went all the way up to Ardlui at the top of the Loch and stopped off for a pint. This is apparntly Rob Roy's cave: (below)

Pint at Ardlui

wet people in dry suits - one out of water, other jumping in

end of day

on the way back to Edinburgh

Sunday, 6 September 2009

the edinburgh common ridings

caught just now - common ridings - revival of an old custom..