Friday, 30 April 2010

St. Andrew's

a visit to St. Andrew's with R. where an uncle was at university just after the war.huge beach and even a surfer having a go.

town from beach
Porter's lodge
part of Uni
more uni buildings
headland, east coast characteristics

Monday, 12 April 2010

More Spring

The Ferrari cars have multiplied! a whole family of them.
Pieces of glass from  glass artist friends, and seedlings.
Sunny weather, warm and i am missing the wee place i used to live in long ago in the Borders. own garden, hearing birdsong, seeing skies, summer sounds, planting seeds and pottering about in my nightie and a cuppa tea to see what had come up in the mornings. 
now, i plant seeds in a small propogator and wee pots put up on the part of the window that wont open (therefore cant be cleaned at this height). potting them on when they germinate and grow into wee seedlings. at least this way i can't pot on the seedlings of weeds by mistake. (i did that).
my good friend has written a lovely blog entry, giving me food for thought and some lovely memories of that wee place i used to live.  have a look -

now i find myself, once again, wandering about town looking for somewhere to 'be' in the sun with sketch book or newspaper - or just to sit. it reminds me of exactly the same thing i used to do before i moved me and my husband (ex now) out to that place in the Borders - nowhere with a bit of peace to go and be in sunny weather in town.
ho hum poor me!! never mind. will go to the library and damn the bloody sun! no no i dont mean it, honest.
La-dee-da! happy days!