Thursday, 25 September 2008

from one bird sanctuary to another bird sanctuary

more soon... 22nd october now - these pics are from a bird sanctuary in kent, beside where some family live. its called Bough Beech and lots of men in corduroys stand looking through their 'bins, and taking notes. there is a notice board for you to put up a note of what you saw. terribly impressive.
this is an egret but not very good pic of it! actually it looks as if its bent double over the railing! like a floppy doll.
Cormorants! my fav - but used to seeing them on wild west coast
Herons! also my fav, and also more used to seeing them on north west coast.. and not all in a bunch - thats unusual

nice, eh?

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sunday walk on Arthur's Seat

A Sunday walk with Rosie - last sunday. up Arthur's Seat, a bit, then around the road with the brilliant views, and over to Duddingston village and the Sheep Heid Inn, oldest in Scotland, or even the Uk i cant remember!

Salisbury Crags, and the Radical Road

the top of Arthur's Seat, we didnt climb up. used to bring the cats here in a duffle bag years ago when i was younger, so they could run about.

view of the city looking north-west, the fact that Arthur's Seat is right in the middle of the city, you get city views from all around.

along the road looking south

and Prestonfield Hotel, v posh

the lochan, its a bird reserve

a longer view looking east, or south-east

Duddingston Church

around the other side of Arthur's Seat now, on way down to Duddingston

the path down with Rowan berries

and into Duddingston

to the pub - this is the door

we sat out in the pub's courtyard and had a bar-b-q ostrich burger

then down to the lochan and Canada geese, before going back home. This walk just reminded me how lucky i am after all to live in this city - so many nearby places to go for walks and be away from the city noise.

Friday, 5 September 2008

a dog and golf balls

just a quick one to add to today WITHOUT pictures.. a news item today about a black labrador dog who was known for being very good at finding golf balls. one day his owner became worried about a rattling about and some lumps in the dog's tummy and took him to the vet. the vet found a golf ball, and another, and another... i think they said nine? altogether. the dog was obviously quite good at eating golf balls as well as just finding them. he now has to wear a muzzle when taken to the golf course.

another strange 'survey' stating what sort of people tend to like what sort of music. as in -
"INDIE: devotees have low self-esteem and are not very hard-working, kind or generous. However, they are creative." (!!)
they do rock n roll, blues, classical, heavy metal, reggae, country &w, dance - but no jazz or folk, rap or grunge (etc). and the only category that comes out with 'kind and generous' is reggae!
Independent today, page 3

Water of Leith walk to SNGOMA

National Gallery of Modern Art entrance grounds, designed by Charles Jenks.

this was the day i there to see the Tracey Emin exhibition. i had been sitting outside the studios in the little courtyard another artist and i had cleaned up and got plants and made into a nice sitting-in place.

i was feeling a bit fed up. we were talking about courage it takes to put work 'out there', and how without that its barely possible to begin making work.
been out of the habit of making work for so long. poeple say different things; well- either 'you just have to start - make a lot of crap and eventually it comes' - or - 'oh, you never loose it, you'll get it back' - or - 'oh you definately loose it if you leave it long enough' ........

so anyway. this day (whenever it was) this pal just said - 'courage? you want to go and see Tracey Emin exhibition' and walked off. and i went back up to my studio thinking, yes i have been meaning to go and i will go... and i started pottering about - tomorrow - tomorrow. No! Go NOW! oh ok, walk along the Water Of Leith, a lovely walk - (leg a wee bit nippy but i can make it) (rain possible but who cares about a little water) (time enough to get there and spend an hour)..

off i set - can you see the heron?! this walk starts just over the road from the studio.

that's St Bernard's Well, there is a story about it which i cant remember, but they do open it up now and then so you can go inside - its an old 'healing' spring well i think. it is almost impossible to edit this - type in text - keep pics in any relevant order at all so this is all muddled up and useless. am so frustrated i will stop. just to say this was meant to be pics of a walk along the Water of Leith.

there is a weir along the way

and you get to the old Dean Village eventually and have to cross to the next bit of the walk - and here i saw a ginger cat posing in a round window

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

landing with a thud

'Pain, in the sense of physical pain, is a typical sensory experience that may be described as the unpleasant awareness of a noxious stimulus or bodily harm. Individuals experience pain by various daily hurts and aches, and occasionally through more serious injuries or illnesses.'
quote from Wikipedia

These are My Headlines for Today:

the festival is finished

i was bowled over by Tracey Emin exhibition

i was exhausted by our amazing gallery exhibition

my tv arial transmitted water into the tv instead of a tv signal, i am now without a tv

and have been housebound with too much pain but am getting better

i missed Dorian Grey and La Clique

but all will be well

i wonder what it would be like to live in a city that didnt have the Edinburgh Festivals going on all through August. it just seems to be such an anual hiatus.. you get overwhelmed with the sheer everything of it so things seem to be a blur. but you only start to realise this when it has stopped and everyone's gone away, and September's slightly fresher air with the scent of the sea wafts in, just that hint of cooler times to come through the sunshine, and the rain washed trees of all the city parks add to the scents on the air. it is the same each year. you can breath again.

so anyway, i seemed to over-do it all a bit and got very emotionally and physically drained, my arthritis got very bad so i had no proper sleep for quite a few nights, which ended up with me hobbling to the gallery on my stick and eventually coming home and staying here. i missed the two events i had planned to see; La Clique at the Spiegeltent, and Mathew Bourne's Picture of Dorian Grey - luckily i found friends who wanted my tickets. and then it was fireworks last night. (was it last night?!) which were apparently brilliant, but all i got were the huge loud bangs - living just down the hill from the castle where they were being set off. usually i just slip down the back close to the street and catch what i can in amongst the street crowds.
i was in too much pain to care about missing everything. i was angry, as usual when i get this bad, that i have to be this person. its so frustrating, so annoying and so demeaning somehow, like i become a half person, a shadow, not really there.
what is particularly difficult is the fact that my right leg goes ape at the same time as my left shoulder-blade and neck. so that finding a way to lie down in bed to sleep with the least pain to my leg and my shoulder is actually impossible! so i get up and hobble round the flat, make a cup of tea, sit about and wonder if i will ever get any sleep again in my life. try to meditate, try to breathe into the pain, sometimes that works; other times i want to shout and yell. thats the thing - it always seems as if this will go on for ever, you cant imagine a time without the pain. and yet, when it all calms down, and you can walk properly and sleep properly again, you forget it and carry on as if you are a girl of 18 again. i have to learn i am no longer 18, 25, 39 or even 51 - my body just isnt as strong and flexible. damn. damn and blast.

eventually, i seemed to find a way to calm down. my homeopath had given me some remedies and i think that helped. but it wasnt until i had been stranded at home for a couple of days that i finally managed to rest on the sofa with a blanket and just close my eyes and feel myself letting go and drifting, and i suddenly realised that i was relaxing in a way that i had not done for a long long time. tonight i peeled a kiwi fruit and carried it through on one of my favourite white and blue plates, and as i did so i noticed how lovely that delicate green, almost a lime green but gentler, on the china white and blue looked, and i thought - goodness, i have slowed down; this is ok.
for now. i have to gear up and get going again soon, but not yet.

the exhibition at the gallery was huge; in size and scope and in audience and press response. the installation took 5 days and a lot of helpers, and de-install took 3 very very long days out of necessity as the next show had to get in and up. it was a lot of work.

but i did have time to go and see Tracey Emin at the national gallery of modern art - and i was bowled over. i had meant to blog about it that night. i also managed to get to a talk by an art historian on Tracey Emin's work - with questions and answers with Trace afterwards which was also very rewarding.

i will blog about that more later i think. its been quite important for me.
images of graves in Greyfriars Kirkyard copyright trude blows
(how do you make that copyright c inside the circle thing, anyone know?)