Sunday, 26 October 2008

yesterday went to opening of a friend's exhibiton out at Aberlady in the nature reserve.
see link

it was a wild and windy day, but worth the trip for the artwork - two artists both paint flowers but in totally different ways. it was nice being out of town as well. i went along with two other pals.

when i got home i discovered one of my windows had blown open (was a bit worried it might when i realised the strength of the wind). anyway - rain had got into plugs, books, and onto the laptop, but seemingly after a wipe and time to dry off - no damage done. window all taped up now.

no sketches done.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


below - Alligin bus shelter! inside the willows

left - Diabeg. below Ben Alligin behind the house

view from house and Loch Torridon 'beach',
this is Alligin
on the shores of Loch Torridon
where Rosie and i went for a
weekend to stay with a friend
who lives there.
we went for long walks, and a few drives around.
yes it is still 23rd - but it Really Is 23rd now.
so yesterday's scribble:

a sketch a day (today's is done but not photographed and i am off to bed)

right. (in my day-reality its still 22nd). now today - another idea to start. i began making a sketch a day in august, and then stopped due to being busy etc - the idea was that the sketch was to be immediate; top of my head thing, not precious, not skilled, just stream of consciousness.

click on image to enlarge if you actually want to read scribblings

this idea was (is) one of my ploys to get me back into working on my own work again - get my head back into 'thinking' in that way again, although its also to do with a sort of 'widening' of the brain (or head) so that there is more space in it to let things come in. (otherwise it is just crammed full of worry about money, worry about this and that - dont for get the other, and oh, what about such and such and oops i forgot so and so...)
and on and on like that - i always think 'when i have got all this SORTED, i will begin' - but i never will get it sorted - because there is always more and more, so now i just have to make time to push it all away
these are the beginnings
i am putting them up hoping it will make me stick to it!
they will all go to the top of this blog page, and i have to upload the last first or they will all be the wrong way round.
bluddy 'eck m'n, eh?!
(its very late - on 22nd or early on 23rd depending on how you look at it)