Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A few days of sunny warm weather, at last!
A week of having huge sticking plaster and then a grid drawn all over my back, having to wear tops which cover up to my neck, in dark colours.
Patch tests to discover if i am 'sensitive' to a whole load of things including dental things. Dreading finding it was my fillings, and more or less convinced it was.
Results yesterday - no reactors; not allergic to fillings!
now to get the grid off my back - big bath and scrubbing with back brush.

being at home more during this dental episode, as well as it being summer when i tend my window boxes, i observe more from my windows.

for example, i often see a yellow canary perching on the window of one of the opposite flats.  Yesterday i observed a person putting a cage in place, opening its door for the canary. 

the other morning there was a noisy curfuffle out in the street which turned out to be one of those large arms with a bucket at the end holding two men who were lifted right up to the top of the tenements to have a look at the roofs betwen the windows, gutters perhaps.  Then they were lowered again and it all went away.

so here are pics of my window observations:

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

a day on Loch Lomond

Islands in Loch Lomond. Looking south west fro...Image via Wikipedia

setting off on a rainy morning from Edinburgh, we 5 squished into a car with food and wet suits and set off for Loch Lomond. 
(forgot the ginger beer)
the closer we got the bigger the patch of blue in the sky became. we were watching it after i said my grandmother reckoned if there is enough blue in the sky to make a sailor's trousers, the sun will come out. eventually there was, and it did.
on board the boat we sped towards Wallaby island (where there are wallabies) but someone had got there first plus the good beachy bit was in the wind.
we set off for another island, where pals of some of our party had an old cottage.  they were there and invited us up. 
i was quite stunned by the place it had such an atmosphere, it was covered in bluebells and an awful lot of Yew trees.  magic.  apparently they were planted by Robert the Bruce 400 years ago.  the cottage is still more or less as it would have been when it was occupied by the farmer.  there are now deer on the island, inlcuding ticks which jumped on those of us who hadnt tucked jeans into socks and wandered about in the bracken.
we had a bar-b-que with the food we'd bought and lazed about before heading out for some ski-ing. 
we then returned for some more grub and eventually - about 10.30pm - we cleared up and left the lovely isle, sped across the loch as the sky turned a soft pink in the twightlight, and got home about 1am.

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