Monday, 28 July 2008

Festival run-up

just to say bit distracted and busy - the festival exhibition opens weds and masses still to do - 'the show must go on no matter what!'
so not much time to think about writing anything - just a big thank you to Bella-sis for all the lovely things she put on her blog for my birthday - and yes - she's brilliant; i'm ok!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

damp macs and brolly days

it is still rainy and damp. a couple of us cleaned up in front of the studio and gallery. i shovelled loads of cat shit from a corner they had all taken to. and someone else managed to remove the pidgeons from the pipes above, and using the old disused fire hose we hosed the whole area down like mad. it took a few days.
i got the old sink taken out of my studio as part of my clear out and it is now a planter in the newly cleaned front area, along with other pots of plants dotted about.
i do wish my life was as simply cleared up!
one of the local cats, though, is very needy and if she finds you she follows you meowing for you to stop and pet her. a little tabby, she has a collar so its ok she isnt stray, just very sociable. oh, and here you dont say 'pet a cat' or 'stroke a cat(or dog)' - you say 'clap the cat(or dog)'! i like it!

all the works that have not been selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in Wimbledon will be returned next week. i notice less people submitting each year. there is such a huge submission from all around the UK and only about 70 or so get selected. also the selections dont seem to be based on a particular kind of drawing - there is quite a wide variety. i think drawing is great, i keep going into the Fruitmarket gallery bookshop to look at a large book which is all drawing - its called Vitamin D or something i think. anyone interested in discovering more about drawing or just loves it should have a look! anyway its far too expensive or i would buy it, so hurray for galleries and libraries. its not the same though is it, as having it there to dip into whenever. i will have to start doing my own work. when i have finished clearing up my studio, and working out how i am going to share it.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

an explanation

i deleted the few blogs i wrote about my friend Kate's son and his operation. i paniced a bit. (how do you spell 'paniced' - it looks wrong). just to explain - a brief email from Kate saying she's making her blog 'private' .. i panic and delete everything. later an email from Kate explaining she had realised not felt ok about having put lots of photos up on her blog of her son and being open to 'anybody' - i.e. any 'weirdos' trawling about ..
Kate says thank you to Bella-sis and all who lit candles for Calum, she thought it was a really sweet gesture. of course having left the hospital she can now go online as she had not been able to before. Calum is getting stronger.
so thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts, and apologies for any misunderstandings.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

on a grey day earlier this week, another walk in the Botanics. these brilliant primula like flowers cheered me.

this amazing tree in the Chinese mountain walk way reminded me of the trees i used to draw years ago with fine pen and ink.. all knotted and whorled and alive.

and these are yellow (yes really) primulas looking up the tiny minature valley they made in the Chinese part of the Botanics, water running down - a little stream, hidden in there..

(dreadful quality phone camera)
it has been grey, cool and a bit rainy all week. well, quite rainy actually. but sometimes, very early in the morning, if i lean out of the window and look down the way - i can see the sea, and smell it too. the wheeling, screeching gulls often remind me how close to the sea we are.
i had gone to see the latest Louise Bourgeois exhibition on at the Botanics before it closed, it was amazing to see some of her latest work in real life, although i didnt find it as powerful as some of her earlier work - but that could have been the mood i was in.
after seeing the work, and coming out into the fresh air - and soft rain - i enjoyed the walk more because of being more sensitised and observant having seen her work.

sculpture for Winifred Rushforth

this sculpture is set in George Sq gardens in the old university area of town near me, where i love to go and walk and be quiet at times. the sculpture is made in memory of Winifred Rushforth, who, as far as i know began the first counselling and therapy centre in Edinburgh.