Saturday, 14 March 2009


two sisters... a few years apart..

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

who do you think you are?

watched Zoe Wannamaker on 'who do you think you are?' - bbc, click the title to see the webiste - it was really moving as well as being interesting historically - her dad, Sam, left the USA just before he was going to get supena - duuh cant spell - called to answer questions about unamerican activities - mccarthy etc. anyway, it was he who went on to restore the globe theatre in london. there was all about how sam had come to the usa with his family from russia (ukraine now), and then she went to the place they had come from and discovered more about their life there and why they had left - they were jewish and there were a lot of progroms in those days in that area, they lived in dire poverty as well. i wishes for Zoe that her dad and her grandpa were still alive for her to talk to, but it was .. as Zoe said .. amazing .. peoples' stories..

today i ventured outside with shoes on, no i havent been out in bare feet - i just havent been out! but the leg got very sore again. went to john lewis to decide whether i should buy another pair of MBTs (mine are being re-soled). i tried a pair on and kept them on as long as poss because of the immediate relief!! but decided to soldier on a bit longer as the assistant said my ones were sent back on friday and should get here any day now.

i have to get walking again anyway, have to get to gallery tomorrow for meetings and work etc. so will probably take a stick for back up.

anyway just wanted to say about the 'who do you think you are?' programme.