Saturday, 21 June 2008

kitchen almost done and flowers given

a wonderful spray of flowers given to me by a friend who was presented with them by her pupils after a performance (she is a dancer); she is going away and wanted me to have them.. so they are sitting in my nearly finished kitchen.

the new lino over clean floorboards!

the back area with carpet off-cut donated by a friend, and flowers.

Friday, 20 June 2008

a very strange coincidence

today i bought the Evening News for a radical change; (looking for 2nd hand cupboard)(the paper has local for sale ads). and in this evening news was an article on the very person whose texts i posted on my blog yesterday(or was it the day before) - the artist with his cloud. click this link for the article on his next adventure.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Monday again and a rescued cloud

and on with the kitchen floor again. i have collected enough newspapers now, and with a few cardboard boxes chopped up i managed to cover the floor boards and even out a bit. then dragged 3 large 2nd year college paintings on boards over the top (painting face down), and got the piece of lino i saved to put on.

lino still stinks. after all that scrubbing. and its too small and cracked. so i made a cup of tea to have a think. would i get some canvas and try to make it like old fashioned 'lino'? hmm probably not. take ages. and forgotten how you do it. faffed about a bit then got fed up and decided to go out and do something useful. what? no idea. just get out.

i headed for a too expensive 'flooring' shop - at least it would be doing something. almost there when i bump into a pal who ... well the upshot is she took me off in her car to a cheap lino place and i found a huge brand new piece really cheaply!!

i hope one day soon i can revert back to having a bit of brain that is not confined to deliberating upon kitchen problems.

i might try to find an interesting image to put, to make up for it.

i found these two; these are texts received from a pal who had just taken his exhibition down in the gallery i work in, and he had - as he says - left his cloud hanging up in the corner.....

i thought it was rather poignant so i kept the texts...

i still have his cloud kept safe for him

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Birthday Bella!

a spiral of leaves

velvet to touch

wish i could upload a tune for you

if i could it would be 'witches hat' or 'a very cellular song'

by The Incredible String Band :-)

happy birthday hon! xxx

Thursday, 12 June 2008

kitchen changes

empty kitchen with old lino revealed
after plastering done, lino was trashed.
patchwork of lino and board - layers of lino and board - pulled up. too horrid to use a flash!
next - to clean up and find something to cover the floorboards with

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Meadows Festival sunday

i went for a break from kitchen nightmare!

the long standing tradition of the Meadows Festival was broken 2 years ago when it was cancelled for the first time. so i was not expecting it to happen again. but this year it was back.

pic of a Dalmation being Petted - proceeds to Iraqi charities

music tent

traditionally it took place on the first weekend of June; this was on the 2nd weekend;
where traditionally you meet people you havent seen for ages and this year was no exception.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

tea break and lino layers

just having a break from cleaning kitchen. sun's shining now.
please imagine lino for yourself. i am not going to put up a pic of lino here.

the trouble with ripping up the lino is the discovery of several more layers underneath. obviously, even older.

plus who ever laid these layers - the Victorians probably - had not yet discovered 'wall to wall' anything.

except floor boards luckily.

so what we have here is a large square - the middle of the room - of layered, broken at the edges, old lino which i keep tripping up on which rips bits off.

and so on - i am sure you get the idea.

what i also have now are floorboards, some of which are clearly a bit rotten, and some holes where the floor board seems to have disintegrated, and someone has covered it over with card - yes - card. so yet another good trip to look forward to.

the back area of the room was/is lino-tiled, and of course the original flood (the start of all this) has meant lots of them have come unstuck and curled up at the edges, so i have ripped them out. this seems to have left oblongs of board nailed to the floor. hmmm. i wonder if they are covering up more holes. do i want to know?

conundrum. i need to try to even up the floor somehow if i am going to lay anything on it, and to avoid ghastly tripping-up accidents.

do i find stuff to put down to fit in, making it more even, or do i just rip everything up and hope for the best? dread to think what i might find.
each improvement i do to the flat goes to putting up my rent and putting up the value of the landlord's property.

ho-hum. another cup of tea.

in the botanics the other day

pics from the hothouse in botanics

two 'old' friends had got in touch to be met up with; one living up north; we had lunch at the place her son is head chef - mmm - with a 3rd one of us.
meanwhile the next old friend to meet - come from abroad to visit. we met at botanics, had lunch and a walk. so lovely to see her, we were close in the '70s/80s, before she went to live abroad.

a funny time with a few people from 'those' days been popping up again!
its nice - finding them again, and god! look at us all! so much older, so much happened, and yet here we all are.
that is a strange thing about getting older - you get used to (eventually) their children growing up and having partners and children, (in my case my siblings), and then - suddenly - you realise you dont actually look like the person you think you look like in your head; you start looking at younger people and think - god what happened?!
next, you start to take on what you have done in your life and what you didnt do and realise you need to work out if and how you can do whatever it is, and you also realise - as most of your current 'pals' or contemporaries are so much younger than you - that you can no longer 'keep up' quite in the same way energy-wise; and they dont believe you, they think you are shirking; and you think 'just you wait'... (although i wouldnt really wish age on people, it is rather inevitable).
what else? the sun has been shining all week - it is sunday and the sun has just stopped - the clouds are out and thats a shame.
early mornings, dust, miscommunications, still squished into one room, work still not finished.. but hopefully will be next week.

i no longer have a window box; the builders had to bring the long bits of wood up through the window! so i had to take it out. i am still camping out in one room. i have started to clean up the kitchen, a long process i think although i have just got use of fridge and cooker again, and i have ripped all the lino up into small bits into bin bags - as it was totally ruined.
anyway, it could be like a new room in a way by the time i finish, just might take a bit of time to get it together. i saw an old carpet in the Bethany shop the other day - didnt get it tho it was big and affordable - but it means it would be possible to get something.

still getting letters and phone calls from elderly people - friends of my uncle. it is a shame but i am starting to think that there will not be many of them at all at the thanksgiving service; they are all too elderly apparently. still, i will let them know when it is when i know as they would like to know.

Monday, 2 June 2008

kitchen ceiling

ceiling down!! (left) black dust everywhere, including in the bath, in my hair, up my nose and i cant ever feel clean. if i knew it would take this long i would have left out some clean clothes in a box, but i have taped up all the wardrobe and cant undo till its finished.

before ceiling down - kitchen just emptied(below)

kitchen empty..

kitchen ready for the builders to take down the ceiling before it falls down, and camping out squished into the front room..
and i covered over the appliances, taped things up and builders arrived.. i locked myself in the front room and next time i came out they'd done.. ceiling down.. then they left. a coule of days later joiners came at 7.15am to start putting up new ceiling. then they left and it was the weekend. so this morning plasterers came and the ceiling is plastered - and - as i said already so is everything else it seems, including the lino on the floor.

so - as the photos seem to load up all in various wrong orders, i wont upload another one, the one that shows 'after' - i.e. a ghastly mess! apparently they are going to paint it in 2 days time, (the kitchen i mean, not the lino)(have i got a one track mind?) when they will also hoover up but i have to leave it till then - so another 2 days of camping out; no cooker, washing machine or fridge.. then it will be a week and a half! so - lets hope its worth it. as i said to the contractor - i know the lino looks old and shabby, but its the only lino i've got!
see this - you have to upload the last images first and the first ones last.
that means to get it right i have to start all over again.
forget it.

a couple of images to come home with

The last image of the funeral; Bella-sis at Uncle's grave, looking at all the flowers and cards. .

just before we drove off and flew in our different directions.

see this? just before i clicked they both stood up, and that one started walking away. they were both just sitting waiting - for their prescription perhaps? taken in town where Brother and family live!

so a couple of last images before getting on with
the here and now of home..