Thursday, 18 September 2014

18th September 2014

The day dawned at last. Whether I feel ready to vote or not, at last it is time to do so and as with the coming of any deadline I feel relieved.
I have read and discussed and watched as much as I can on both sides of the argument and I finally decided late last night, my decision didn't change when I woke this morning. So I have voted.

I want to send all good wishes to everyone, whatever they vote. The fact is this is a momentous vote because we have the freedom to vote what we want, what our conscience decides, and this is quite something. Also, all our votes will count.
So the outcome will be a fair and square one, made by us all, together - whether we vote yes or no.

I hope, whatever the outcome, that others in the UK will feel encouraged to stand up for their regions in whatever way as well.

Peace to all.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Time flies

It is now September - such a lot seems to have happened since last blog post, but seeming isn't always  
how things are.
As we all know we are at the end of a long debate and campaign(s) for the referendum on whether scotland should be independent or not.
The debate has caught fire - it seems no one really expected such a massive involvement of practically everyone in scotland and beyond.  If nothing else it is getting people talking, people are getting politicised who had never been before, or had given up.  There will be change of some sort which ever way the vote goes.
Meanwhile the situation in the Middle East is going from bad to worse, China still oppresses Tibet, and the situation in The Ukraine is pretty bad also, that's not counting places I have forgotten about just now who are going through horribly awful times.

I have been quite distressed recently, so much negativity coming from some English - (not all) there does not seem to be much understanding about what the Yes voters in Scotland actually want and feel and what they don't want or feel.  I am always for anyone having their right to be independent, have their own voice, etc, and it is distressing to find such a lot of unpleasant anti independence stuff bandied about. Mind you there has also been the same from he pro side on Facebook and that is also distressing.

I am English, lived here since 1970, and fully support the Yes vote, but I also care about my English family, and it is difficult to stomach the prospect of such a degree of acrimony between the two countries, which I fear will happen which ever way the vote goes. I am contemplating spoiling my vote, I just can't see how to vote, I feel so emotional about it that it's hard to be rational.  I feel torn. I love scotland, always have since I came here and always felt it should be independent.  But if my friends and family can't understand, if they take it personally and feel scotland is doing it against them - (they are not) then it makes me feel very sad and so I feel torn.

Having such a peripatetic childhood has it's effects.  I remember which ever country we lived in wanting to belong there, wanting to be like the indigenous people and the feeling of being an outsider was always quite strong and I tried to find ways to belong. It was much easier as a child, although I didn't appreciate that at the time. And then it was very traumatic to leave a country, the people, the language, the customs and ways of that country, the smells, the landscapes and their gods and shrines.  And even though nothing and nowhere remains the same, all that is a part of me.

It is still fairly similar now (perhaps not the gods and shrines) - wanting to belong, but the sense of being an outsider never really changes, tho I have never learned to speak like the Scots. I suspect this might have a bit of a bearing on why I find this impending vote so distressing. It feels somehow
personal.  I don't feel ready to vote yet!

I just thought I would write about it a bit anyway.

All for now.