Monday, 25 January 2010

Burns night, Coffee and happy 2010

It is Burn's night, almost the end of January - so Happy New Year is a bit late!
i have just heard haggis has just been allowed to enter the USA - i was a bit bemused by the idea that the US had banned it in the first place - did they really believe it was some sort of animal? but then an explanation was forthcoming - it was because of the 'mad cow' scare .. ooohh..

having 'retired' from the gallery job, i am now cleaner in the same building - this sounds like a 'demotion' but is in fact a happy situation; the work is not mentally demanding, so i should have space in my head for my work - something i just didnt have when doing the gallery job.  cleaning wont be so many hours as the gallery work, so also more time for studio work.
still editing the website too.

Getting some distance from the gallery job - letting go - i didnt go in for several weeks, but stayed home and did 'home' things, and visited cafes with a book - i am currently reading Amitav Ghosh 'The Glass Palace', which i am loving.  i first read Sea of Poppies by him, and was totally captivated - partly by the subject matter but also by his writing - the research and range of his work.  anyone interested in India, the Far East, the old East India Company and how it began - the Opium Wars etc..  the lives of ordinary people, the workers, the factories, shipping - not about the big 'Burra Sahibs' so much. and he writes beautifully.

SO.  no - i am not shouting! just a new subject; visits to coffee shops - started to take a photo with my phone of my coffee visits - but i keep forgetting! so only got a few, its just as well as the phone camera isnt that good.  The Elephant House, where it is rumoured JK wrote the Harry Potter books - actually i think she used a few cafes.. but still.. its a nice view of the castle you get from here.

Hendersons, the Original Vegetarian cafe and bistro - true - i remember coming here in the '70's - and a few people i knew made the wooden things - the bar, mirror surrounds etc., someone else the lamp shades, another person the screen.. all still there.
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