Thursday, 19 November 2009

and suddenly its November - and the time of leaves changing their colours - the Rowans so noticable here in town with their array of gold - rust - deep crimson leaves.

the weather keeps trying to change to very chilly, and you know that very soon it will change to the very cold beginning of winter.

there was a trip to Eyemouth that i havent yet had enough time to put up here.

it was early October, and Morelle and I decided to use our brand new Bus Passes and take a trip to Eyemouth.  it turned out to be where she used to go as a child for family summer holidays, staying in the caravan park up on the cliff!  so it was a bit of a trip down memory lane.  she took me to the cafe where they always went - it is still there

there its ..


 after a much needed coffee we walked beside the esturary, some old fishing boats moored but most boats fishing at sea.  it was not a particularly sunny day - in fact it was downright grey! nevertheless it was good being out of town, and exploring somewhere different.

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its a very sheltered harbour, being an estuary
yes yes c'est moi

Eyemouth has a bit of interesting history - none of which can i now remember! i think it had to do with smuggling.  there was a huge house built right on the side of the river estuary which i seem to remember has stories attached to it regarding hidden caves or underground places for the smugglers' loot.  in fact i think that castellated roof might be the roof of that house. i didnt think to take a photo of it.

walking out of town along the coast - the rock formations are fascinating.  we found an old bench and sat there with sandwiches and juice.  a golf course behind us and the occasional golfer having a shot, and occasional walkers with dogs passing by. 

mistified by the message on the bench - this is the one we sat on for lunch!

rock forms - amazing!