Saturday, 20 February 2010

another visit to Newburgh

Last night was at the SSA opening where lots of pals have works hung.  VAS was also opening that night, and more pals had works in it too.  surprised to find a couple of pals who had just returned from 6 months travelling in India, were also there, and had work in VAS - it was lovely to see them.  Mainly i enjoyed the throng and looking at a massive amount of work, stopping in front of anything that caught me.
a bad night time photo of the RSA taken on phone:
mid February had been very misty - given way now to colder, clearer, sunny days.  mid Feb i spent a few days in Newburgh with R at her house.  We went walks, as usual, by the estuary.  We also went for walks new to me - one was by the old railway line to the old railway station, now completely overgrown and derelict - and for once i didnt have my camera so no photos.  another time.
The other new walk was up the hill through the town right up to the path above the town.
very low tide on the estuary:

The walk up the hill through the town and looking back: first we stopped where we could still see R's house,
higher up and there is The Steeple - a converted church now artists studios and gallery
this old white house for some reason fascinated me, and i imagined living in it with all my children and animals in another life
finally - looking across to the bench on the top of the hill.
we retraced our steps down the hill and back through the town home for tea.

Monday, 1 February 2010

1st of the month and another coffee

Illustration of COFFEA arabica L. 106 (Coffea ...Image via Wikipedia
memory of boarding school - on the 1st of the month you had to say (shout) 'pinch punch first of the month veins return' whilst pinching and punching the girl you were shouting it at before she could do it to you. 'veins return' means she cant do it back. we had all these rules or 'doings', some of which i have remembered - for example when you found something, even if you knew who it belonged to, you held it up shouting 'quiz?' and someone who either wanted it, or who it belonged to, or who respnded just in case they might want it, responded 'ego'.  you always had to shout.  you could also use the 'veins return' if you were quizzing and you didnt want the thing. 

ok so back to the present. just because it was 1st april today i remembered.. and its interesting that these days people pronounce ego as 'eego', whereas we pronounced it 'eggo', funny ol life.

would be nice to have some really amazing interesting stuff to report. i took a pic on my phone when having a quick coffee in the crypt of St. John's.  Hendersons have now taken it over, so it is slightly different.  a pic on my phone from where i was sitting - then i took one on my way out looking back, rather quickly so as not to make people feel peculiar and i caught it rather well, i thought, as it expressed what i felt! (the blur as i sweep out of the place)
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