Saturday, 8 March 2014

My India Mother

My India family are actually Scottish.  We met in Calcutta where we were all living at the time, but had not at that point become 'my India' family.
I was a dreadful teenager spending a lot of time at the swimming club or over at their house, when I wasn't working.
It was the '60s and we had all left school.  The music we had was any album anyone had managed to bring out from the UK, and not having access to a lot of money - let alone internet and iPods - they were not many.  I remember the Beach Boys, Sgt Pepper and Their Satanic Majesties were played a lot.

Eventually, and I suppose inevitably, the boys were sent to the UK to start careers.  I had taken up with the middle boy by then, and missed him a lot after he had gone.
My parents went on various trips to Kashmir and Darjeeling and I was sent to stay with my future 'India family'.  Mum was very much an extra mum to me, and I enjoyed living there.

My India mum was 99 this January.  She did not make 100.  Her funeral was last week, a moving service with 2 brothers in law each doing their own eulogy.  A long wake afterwards with many relatives and champagne and Indian food.  She would have been pleased I think.