Thursday, 17 April 2008

advice to self

T...'s Chinese Zodiac Sign - The Earth Ox - for today
This astral climate is very likely to be frustrating in the field of work; only take a minimum of engagements or appointments. Risk of past emotional pains awakening up, which you thought had healed; refuse tormenting yourself with the past, look at the future with confidence and optimism. Put your papers in correct order. At this moment, your organism will need to be protected; don't pull on the cord too much, avoid any excessive effort; if you practice a sport, don't try to go too far.

i added the chinese zodiac thing to my facebook page ages ago just for fun. but today's one seems strangely apt. so am putting it in as a blog as i still dont seem to be able to get back into blogging yet. it seems to have some good advice which i am now going to try and put into practice.

(oh and an extra bit:
Combined Zodiac(East meets West)
The Leonine Ox
This combination produces leaders who feel the need to be in control. They also take themselves seriously and throw themselves into any project they under take. They are happiest with an adoring partner who will love them completely.) - so i'm a controlling, grumpy, boring old bat -no wonder no partner to love me! ha ha.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Monday, 7 April 2008

sea horses in thames

yesterday, radio 4, an item about sea horses being found in the thames. they are protected so you cant have them as pets. (they said!)(ahh :-))