Wednesday, 23 April 2014


In the 1950s we had a few years in Athens.  This was our house.  Well, it was the BOAC house.

This was our dog - Brakky - on the roof.  Brakky apparently means little dog .. can't remember what language but not Greek i don't think.
The roof was like another room - used a lot.

 not sure what this 'plane is - might be a Viscount.

view from our roof

There were a lot of parties, and a lot of dressing up
this is my mother (far right of the group, hat, pipe and pint) and other assorted women dressed as men

This is my father (skinny one at the back with shades and a plait) and other assorted men
dressed as women

I had a 'thing' about Peter Pan - forever. this is me as Peter Pan, notice my shadow.  The friend is Bo Peep.

For some reason a pillar box is what my father chose to be this time

We also travelled to other parts of Greece - sometimes only my parents went, like to here below
and the following 3 photos which MIGHT be Epidaurus, but i can't be sure as Pa has not left any notes with the photos (slides). If anyone recognises - please let me know!

And we went to a few of the islands ..

Again, I don't know where these places are ..

 And we also used to go inland to the countryside and up the local mountain which I can't remember the name of but used to be quite a scary drive on hairpin bends with sheer drops over one side. No photos of that though.

Although this one isn't exactly inland - it could be mainland, or island

A mixture of island and mainland photos (I think)

there are rather a lot of slides, as my father was a keen photographer. Unfortunately a lot of them are starting to deteriorate, which is why we decided to try and get them scanned - a job I volunteered to do, but I quite like the way they are.  I have tried to de-pink some of them as they aged the colour went funny, however others are fine, i think depending on the film my father used.

There are a lot more, i won't put them all up, but want to put a few more later, just for interest.
Will probably write a wee bit more later about memories, if i can get some coherent writing done.