Saturday, 22 August 2009

festival time

check out Scotsman review of 'Power Plant' a sound and light experience at the Botanics! it is quite something.. scroll down the page till you get to 'power trip' and watch that video.

otherwise life in the festival is the usual mixture of amusement, meeting of old friends, and 'people overload irritation syndrome'... and a show tonight with a pal; The Return of Ulysses, The Royal Ballet of Flanders - looking forward to it, should be good.

changes in town for those of us who now live abroad

remember Teviot place - student union - George Sq - and the large open space car park with the view to Arthur's Seat? well this is the new uni building that blocks all that out.
and now for ... what they have done and are doing with the old Edinburgh Royal Infirmary...

big blue Underbelly tent - Teviot

Victoria St., the last old shop has gone - it was the old lace shop, replaced by the new cafe there. i havent been in it yet.

the new building at the top of Victoria St replaces the '60s monstrosity - i suppose it is marginally better. it is the new Missoni hotel, and a pizza place...
GUESS what this is...

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my birthday


campsite and a pic of Falkland Palace, nearby.

Falkland Palace.Image via Wikipedia

so much time has flown by since last blog entry.

it was my birthday in july - a 'Big 0' birthday!! i reserved a part of a wine bar down a close off the High St - so it was outside covered with huge umbrellas. lots of people came, bearing wonderful gifts - it was a lovely evening. pals i have known since teenage Calcutta times, to musician and related pals, to artist and related pals, all sorts together and some new connections made amongst them which is always enjoyable.

a few of us drove up to Falkland in Fife the next day, to The Big Tent festival, where we had erected our tents in the camping area the day before - on my birthday before the evening party - in monsoon-like rain. luckily the day was warm and sunny and there was some wonderful music especially Mr McFall's Chamber - brilliant - and some fab food - all organic and locally grown/farmed etc. stalls - loads of things going on - in a beautiful place.
naturally that night people were up and about singing and banging drums and stuff till about 5 - before i dropped off anyway. woke in the morning wet - it was raining and getting into the tent and my wellies under the outside bit had filled with water and the mud was thick and the loos were too ghastly!!
we decided to pack up and load the car. by the time we had managed all that the sun had come out again and it was another lovely day. we headed back to edinburgh later. so that was my 'last minute' festival experience - reminding me that i am now actually as old as my years tell me!!
still i am glad we went - overall it was a really good time.
because it is so hard to deal with photos on this blog, i am going to start a new one for the next lot i want to put up.

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