Sunday, 21 December 2008

Fire at Kushi's

friday night a huge fire broke out just literally over the road and down steps to the street on the lower level from me.
the only good thing is that with such a huge blaze no one was hurt at all.
i remember Kushi's way back in the early '70s, it was just a wee place in a small side street then, where you could go and get authentic Indian food, totally unfancy, with plastic table cloths (actually maybe they didnt have any at all, i cant remember!) very friendly and informal, and affordable.
over the years the business obviously grew and grew until it recently opened in this old church building, and was doing really well.
the old building hasnt been used as a church for a long long time - it was a kind of market for a while, not terribly successful really; but when Kushi's took it over it looked as if at last the building was going to be cheered up and feel better about itself.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Bellasis moved to wordpress

Iona christmas 2000

i miss Iona dreadfully, its the first year since 1993 that i have not been. :-(
i decided i just have to accept it and get on with learning how to be in one place all the time with no escapes. its hard, and also feels like losing a very good friend - and i mourn it.

please note - Bellasis now at Wordpress - have added the link to my list. lovely wee videos of my neice performing in the Nutcracker!
Rivertrain's latest blog is a powerful one, and worth a visit as well.

i am stuck being unwell for the last 2 weeks, so have no news or interesting things to report. am a bit debilitated by pain and lack of sleep due to pain. a friend has just pointed out that there is an issue with Statins and muscle pain - which i have been googling and am a bit shocked about. i am thinking of stopping taking statins now.

i have not been out to do any christmas shopping, and am likely to miss posting dates if i ever do get out to do any.

i shall have to try and find a cheery photo to put up. oh i know. hmmm

christmas in iona 2000. oh i forgot, they all go to the top automatically.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Local Hero!

reading my sis' blog - see Bella Mocha - and her picture of telephone boxes, and her american pals' commenting on the telephone booths, i had to comment and tell them all to find the film Local Hero - my most fav film ever, really. i wish i could find a photo of that telephone box to put up. but unfortunately, it isnt quite in the place that it was in the film, they had to move it! anyway. the LINK is in the TITLE of this blog - so click to have a look at some other people's thoughts. and maybe an interesting website if you are into movies!

have a look at this link too:

another film that is also my most favourite of all is The Winter Guest. look for that one too.