Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Before it becomes 2015 I thought I would just do a post.
Reading the last one over just now made me smile; what an optimistic and naive state of mind I was in then.
Three months after that vote I am aware of the division between the 'yes' voters and the 'no'. There has been anger and hurt and a fair bit of horrid stuff going on. But one thing strikes me - both sides have the strong belief in their being Right, both sides look eagerly for anything that proves their rightness thus I feel blinding themselves to the shades of grey that life is, instead only seeing black and white.
So to both sides - is this the Scotland we want? Is it time to grow up and stop the arguments, the statements that only contain the truths to suit the arguments, and somehow work together to find common ground.
That is my rant - and I have to say not All yes and no people are behaving this way.

Happy Hogmanay to all, may yer lum always reek (is it?!)